Sync Studios

Introduction to Life Enhancing Information Processing

     This video is an early rendition of how to think about the connection between the brain, self system, and relationships from a Systemic Biopsychosocial Adaptive Information Processing perspective.   It describes how our experience of our self in the moment is informed by autobiographical memory and how when the bond to our own mind/body is lost we disconnect from others and project imagery from our mind’s eye that may or may not reflect the reality of the present.  When we develop patterns of misinterpreting opportunities to connect with others and collaborate around solving problems and achieving goals life is diminished.

            Psychotherapy can be a resource to support the repair and enhancement of the brain, self, relationship connectivity necessary to organize our lives and creatively collaborate to meet our needs.  This video is challenging to follow if you are new to these ideas, so stay tuned…updated resources are on the way!


The Men’s Mental Health Initiative Videos Book Series

     The Men’s Mental Health Initiative is a Facebook media campaign focused on making mental health cool for men.  It provides educational resources focusing on what mental health is rather than mental illness.  While some material addresses mental illness the mission of the initiative is to start with an understanding of mental health.  The posts at the MMHI reflect a biopsychosoial perspective on mental health.  In addition, the original media content produced at Sync Studios is insipred by the  “Life Enhancing Information Processing” perspective at Syncopation Psychotherapy and Consulting.

     Check out our first video production, an interview with author David Figura on his book, “So What Are The Guys Doing?”