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     The mind is a funny place to talk about.  Just where is it anyway? That’s the way it is with the mind.  It doesn’t seem to be anywhere.  My best understanding is that it is more like a process, an action, a verb.  So, I hope this space inspires you to produce and create.  Generativity is the “apple of the mind’s eye”, the endless fruit that keeps us in touch with our humanity.  There is no limit to the amazing creations percolating in our minds.  From novel approaches to dealing with our daily lives to the next revolutionary piece of art, the mind is the ultimate medium for innovation.  In “The Mind’s Eye” I explore some of ideas that intrigue me and creative concepts I’m inspired by.  Maybe a piece of music I’m working on, poem, or a photograph and essay.  I’ll share a reviews of favorite literary pieces and artistic works by others.  Some of these posts will be well thought out and produced and others I hope emerge without much reflection and just “happen”.  Feel free to comment and share some of your own ideas and work.  I hope something here inspires you to reach inside and pull out a piece that makes you smile.  “Well look at that, I never thought I had it in me!”

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